Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Where's The Sugar?

I was highly enjoying a Trigun anime with a new friend when my cell phone went off.

As I sat up, I pulled Sweet Guy's arm off my shoulder (yes, he was a bit too forward.) and pulled out my phone. "Hipster." The screen read.

"Hey what's up?"

"Hey Jess, could you come play church ball. Only two people showed."

I thought for a moment. Do I stay here and totally enjoy this anime or do I go get myself some good honest exercise..... Let's get some blood pumping.

"Yeah, I'll be there in a few."

I walked up to the church in the negative degree weather. It is too dang cold here. The warmest temperature I've seen in a while was 20 degrees. The average is around 5 degrees during the day.

I walked into the gym and started warming up. Then we began the game. I was having a blast running with them. I even made a couple of baskets. WOOT. Then I realized that I didn't check my blood sugar before playing.

I swapped with one of the girls and went and checked my blood sugar. 98. Well that would be great any other time but right now it sucked. When I exercise, my blood sugar drops like a rock so I need it over 150 at the very very least. So I grabbed my backpack and started digging for some candy.

As luck would have it, there was nothing in there. Not even my glucose tabs, they needed to be refilled. Dang it!

Hipster came out for a break from the game. I asked her if there was anywhere to grab something or if she possibly had some candy with her. No such luck. Since neither of us could track down something to get my blood sugar higher I decided I should probably sit out.

When one of the girls came up to me to swap I felt guilty for having to decline. I explained that I was afraid that if I played any more my blood sugar would drop too low and I wouldn't have anything on me to bring it up. That really left a bad taste in my mouth. Whenever I need to sit out of an activity I worry that others will think it's an excuse. I hate sitting out and having to chalk it up to diabetes because it just portrays that "I'm disabled" picture more. I'm not disabled and I hate admitting that my diabetes slows me down when I'm not entirely prepared. If I didn't have diabetes I could have run myself into the ground just like the rest of the girls. Sometimes I really miss life before diabetes.

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Chris said...

I hate when I don't come prepared. At least you got to play some and they were better off than if you didn't show up at all.