Friday, January 11, 2008


My new official record. I broke my old one of 43. I broke it a few times over. But I'll catch up first.

Disclaimer: I have just started classes again and this week has been a bit hectic. Sorry for the lack of posts.

So first of all, I got my MiniMed Paradigm 722 on Friday. I was so dang excited over that, the euphoria lasted for five days. On Monday I had pump training. When I walked in to the appointment with my favorite CDE and she looked at me and just beamed at how excited I was.

With a laugh she asked, "So what don't you know about the pump?"

"Uhh... the only thing I haven't done yet is attach it and get it running. That's only because Medtronic told me not to until training. But as usual, I've got my list of questions that I've thought up between our appointments."

"Good, let's answer those first then."

I've very seriously thought about going into the medical field lately. I really did not like programming. I asked her about what she had to do to become a CDE. So that is definitely on my list of things I'd like to do. I'm thinking about becoming a doctor or doing research in auto-immune diseases specializing in Diabetes. I just don't know yet so I'm just taking generals in college right now. I've got two classes that I particularly think I will enjoy. One is Public Health and it's effect on communities and families. The other is Disability in Society. Both have peaked my interest. So back to catching up. Must focus.

"Any more questions?" I shook my head.

"Well let's get you pumping."

So we rewound the pump and filled the reservoir. That was a bit of a challenge. CDE had to help me get all of the bubbles out. I was sitting there tapping it lightly with my finger and she just reached over and rapped on the side with her pen. Definitely gonna have to remember that. We then hooked up the tubing and stuck it in the pump.

We primed it and then it was time to stick it in the spot of choice. As I looked at the needle I was rather intimidated. It's rather long and large. So I wiped off my stomach with the I.V. Prep and set the Inserter. I tensed as I put readied to push the buttons on the Inserter and then I just did it. I wondered if it had actually gone in. It didn't hurt at all. So I pulled out the needle and double checked to see that it had actually attached. It had. I had been imagining that it was gonna kill and I didn't even feel it go in.

So we set my basal at 0.5 per hour. Since I had had a shot of Lantus at 10 that morning we set the basal to start at 10 that night. This was a mistake. We probably should have waited until like 8 the next morning. Oh well, I've learned my lesson on stacking insulin.

After the appointment I immediately called my mom letting her know that I'd finally gotten hooked up. She wasn't as excited as I'd hoped but I think she was a little worn down by my brothers. They have reputation for being extremely draining. I can attest to this. But my roommates reactions were good. They were very glad to see that I had finally gotten set up.
We had family home evening that night and of course there were refreshments. I loved being able to just check my blood sugar and then bolus. It felt so discrete. I didn't have to lug out my insulin bottle, pull out the correct amount of insulin into a syringe and then either stab through my jeans or lift up my shirt to reach my abdomen. All I had to do was type in my blood sugar and the carb count and it did the rest. I feel so free now. All of my stuff is automatically recorded too. I love it. I'm in love with a piece of technology. I'm a true geek and I'm proud. One of the wallpapers I cycle through actually says, "Geek Inside" Just like the Intel Inside logo. Crap, distracted again. FOCUS JESS!!

So after family home evening my roommates, neighbors from our floor and I watched a movie. At 10, right in the middle of the movie, my pump started the basal. By 10:30 I was starting to sweat. I checked my BS. It read 47. So I grabbed like 7 glucose tabs and sat down to wait my 15 minutes.

"You doin' alright, Jess? You're looking a bit shaky." Spoon asked with concern.

"Yeah I'm fine, I'm a bit low but I'll get it up. Just give me a minute."

49 was the next number I saw. I was seriously shaking by this point and doing my very best to not ruin the movie. Most of the girls that were over barely know what diabetes is, let alone that I have it. I didn't feel like teaching right then so I kept it on the DL (down low translation for my cousin). So I downed a pop, steadily chewed on candy and finished the rest of the movie. After the apartment cleared out I checked my blood sugar again: 155 so I went to bed.

I awoke an hour later with adrenaline pumping so hard I thought my heart would break from over use. Once again the shakes were attacking me. I had stupidly left my kit in the living room so I stumbled there and grabbed candy and started downing it while I checked my blood sugar again. 46. WTF??! How the heck did that happen? So I just kept downing the candy that was sitting on the table.

42. CRAP!!

More candy. Finished off my bottle of glucose tabs.

36. F***!! At this point I was freaking out and I decided I'd better enlist some help. Spoon was asleep on the couch so I poked her.

"My blood sugar is 36 and I can't get it up. Help me stay awake please."

She sat up immediately. "What do you need me to do? Do I need to grab the cake frosting gel? Should I get the glucagon ready? What can I do?"

"I just need you to talk to me and keep an eye on me while I down the sugar."

"Sure, no problem."

I had a hard time staying awake but she kept me focused. I just kept eating every bit of candy I could find. After about an hour, I finally got back up over 200 and I was exhausted. I went to bed. I missed my 7:30 class the next morning and I still have sores on my tongue from the amount of sugar I ate. Oh well, now I've got another cold and my blood sugars are staying high so I don't have to worry about these pain-in-the-butt lows. This low was caused by starting my basal too early while still on the Lantus. I have definitely learned.


jessica said...

you're so brave... im terrified of needles.. the last time i got one, i cried... a lot haha. and i ran around the room! so embarassing..

p.s. what kind of record .. ? 40 to 36..

Jess said...

LOL, I used to hate needles too. I still don't really like them but you get used to them when you're diabetic.

It's an all time record low. My blood sugar has never been that low before. It's a kind of a weird record going backwards, ain't it?

Jillian said...

Thanks for stopping by and adding me to your blog roll. I'll have to catch up on your posts.
Congrats on the pump! You forgot one very important detail, what color is it (I'll probably find this in one of your older posts)???

Sorry about that low, they aren't any fun. I used think they were great because they meant candy, I'm come realize I must have been a crazy kid.
I've got you beat though, lowest low 28 and I don't care to break that record.

Jess said...


I decided to be boring and get smoke color.

Dang, I've been beat. Well I still hold the record in my family. LOL, though it's not much of a record since I'm the only diabetic other than my grandpa. Grandpa only got the D in November anyway.

Anonymous said...

My lowest low was 23. I had only been on insulin for a couple of weeks, and I was using that 70/30 garbage that always peaks at the worst time. Luckily I was still coherent enough to treat it, though I was shaking like crazy.

Naomi said...

Yikes! Scary! But really good info to share. My son isn't pumping yet, but one day he's planning on it. I'll remember this post!!

Jess said...

Wow, Nick, talk about a crazy low number. I never cease to be amazed at what we are capable of doing. Six months ago I would not have believed it possible to go that low and be aware.

I'm glad to have helped. That's a big reason for why I started the blog.

Scott M said...

Right On- I just started pumping too. I am not looking forward to any awkward alarm issues like you had, I'll take your experience to heart.
Best of luck with the new pump, I share your excitement! I've had no shots in three days!