Monday, January 28, 2008

The Two Big D's. Dating and Diabetes.

I've gotten back into the dating game this last week. The guy is a totally sweet guy but when I'm on a date with him I worry about my diabetes rearing it's ugly head. It's already poking in at odd moments. It's been there when we went to dinner. Last night, I poked my finger and checked my numbers. I was putting my numbers into my pump and putting in my estimated carb count. Well any of you that have a pump, know that it beeps at every dang step. Sweet Guy was putting a plate of food together for me and kept glancing around trying to figure out where that noise kept coming from.

"What is that sound?" He asked with confusion.

"It's my pump, it beeps while I'm programming in how much insulin I need, it's a bit irritating. Sorry about that." I kinda blushed.

"Hey, don't worry about it. I think that pump is pretty cool." Score points for Sweet Guy.

But still, it's hard enough trying to date, get to know someone and try to not make too much of a fool of yourself without diabetes. Something I worry about is having a low while I'm on a date. How embarrassing would that be? I've been keeping my numbers under much greater control lately so I've been having lows more than I used to. I'm also not feeling them until I'm under 50 mg/dl. I've yet to have a low that I couldn't deal with on my own but still... I just worry about it.

I have told Sweet Guy if I start acting weirder than usual, I probably need to check my blood sugar and then eat some sugar. I do this with anyone I'll be with for any length of time. I have no problem talking about my diabetes it's just when it rears it's head and tries to act like a disability that I wish it were gone. When I feel a low and have go dig around for some candy. When I'm high and can barely function due to feeling so sick. When I have to explain why I'm not participating in the game like everyone else.

When I'm trying to get to know someone new I want them to know me and forget about the BS tests, the insulin pump, the pause before I eat something so I can figure out the carbs. I don't want people to just see the diabetes and not be able to see me past it.

Anybody else worry about the 'betes when they're out on a date?


DAD said...

Glad your having a great date time, but don't forget the 3rd and most important D! DAD

Love ya!

Jess said...

Never will Daddy.

Chris said...

I guess being a guy, I look at it a little differently but I can still totally understand what you are saying. I am in the same boat with my control. Mine has been much better in the last 4 months but it has caused me to have more lows. I also don't really realize my lows (unless I really focus on it) until it is under 50. Keep it up and good luck with Sweet Guy.

Allison said...

Hi Jessica! OMG! Thank you so much for my sussy...The set is so cute and goes really well in my house. The blanket is super fun and I'm excited to have something to roll up and take to baseball games and such. The pen didn't make it and ended up in a few pieces...but nonetheless, my sussy rocked!!

I'm definitely looking foward to reading your blog! :o) Allison

Anonymous said...

And he'd better stay sweet or the D blogosphere will turn on him.

Superman said...

thats great that sweet guy is so understandable i dont care who you are a guy that can make a cool comment about your pump being cool, he is a keeper, i know what he is thinking he likes you and just wants you to be happy and not imbarised about your diabetes "which is not a disability mind you" just a blessing in disgiuse, i know because my dad is diabetic

Gina said...

You have to blog on our site people would love it!! I know the dating thing really gets people reading. Come check out - social networking for those with diabetes - you would have a captive audience ready to read what you write!!


Jess said...

Hey Gina,

I'm a member over there, thanks for inviting me to blog. Though I don't know if I'd be blogging on dating anymore. I have moved out of the dating field and into solid long-term relationship with the Sweet Guy mentioned in this post. So... I'll see what I can find to blog on. Thanks again.