Monday, January 14, 2008

Awkward At Church.

Yesterday was my first day wearing a dress with my pump. I didn't really think ahead about where I was going to stick my pump. I figured I'd just stick it in my bra and everything would be great. Well, it didn't work like I thought it would.

My roommates and I were sitting in our main church meeting and right when the prayer began my pump started talking.

"Boop Beep Boop. Pay attention to me."

Crap, not now.

It seemed so loud. I felt like everyone in the chapel must have heard it. Hipster was sitting next to me and gave me a questioning look when the prayer was over. I just shrugged. Maybe it would only beep once.

"BOOP BEEP BOOP, Don't ignore me."

I was sitting there trying to figure out how I was going to tactfully reach down my dress and push ESC ACT. I really didn't want to do it right then. I was sitting in the middle of the chapel, anyone would have been able to see me. So I tried pushing the buttons from the outside of my dress. It wasn't working, I was wearing a heavy sweater over top of my dress. It had been an attempt to cover up the pump bulge, now it was impeding me in my attempt to appease my noisy pump.

During the sacrament prayer I snuck my hand up into my sweater and pulled the complaining pump up through my collar.

Check BG I just rolled my eyes, I definitely hadn't thought about timing when I had set that. I shoved it back into my bra and relaxed, the pump was shut up. Or so I thought.

Five minutes later. "Boop beep boop. I've got another thing to tell you."

Criminy! Again? What now?

So I scrunched down and reached down my shirt yet again.

Alarm Clock Grr!! OK, whatever. ESC ACT. I shoved it back in. Don't you dare beep again.

10 minutes later: "Guess what. I'm making noise again. Exciting isn't it?"

Low Reservoir or whatever it says, I can't remember. Are you kidding me?

Well I wanted to be able to just run into the bathroom as soon as the meeting was over so that I wasn't late to Sunday school. So I started turning my site thingy through my dress. (sorry for the lack of technical terms, I've only had it for a week.) That was a challenge but I got it off and pulled the pump and tubing up and out the top of the dress. I pulled the reservoir out and attached my extra reservoir. I rewound the pump and waited for the last ten minutes of the meeting.

As soon as they dismissed the meeting I made a bee line toward the bathroom. I primed it and then hiked up my dress and reattached everything. Then I set the stupid thing to vibrate thinking that would fix everything if it decided it wanted my attention again. Nope.

Right in the middle of my next lesson, the stupid thing started again. It made me jump right off my seat. Luckily, only Liz noticed. Everybody else was too engrossed in the lesson.

I just toughed it out for the rest of lesson, this was a much smaller room and I was not going to dig in my bra in front of all the guys in the room.

When my roommates and I got home, I tore my dress off the moment our door shut. Then pulled on a t-shirt and jeans and promptly attached my pump to my belt.

"Hipster? Can you sew?" I yelled out.

"Yes, if I've got a sewing machine." She yelled back.

"Well we are going to sew a pocket into all my dresses. I am not doing that again."

"Okay, if you can find a sewing machine and get the material I'll do the rest."

I think I'm going to buy myself a skirt.


Anonymous said...

LOL! I've had this happen before too. I hardly ever wear dresses, but I got a holder this summer that attaches to the leg and to hold the pump.. it's still not that great because it slides down, but better than other methods. I think I'll try sewing a pocket in a dress, though, that sounds like a good idea!

Chris said...

I will be starting on my pump in the next few weeks. I will be interested to see how much my pump will be like my children. Noisy at times, frustrating at other times but one of the most rewarding and life-changing things of my life.

Good luck with the little noise-maker

Alison said...

Lol, I love that you call your roommate Hipster.

Thanks for checking out my blog. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Is it ok if I add a link over to your blog? :)

Bob Mitchell said...

I am just glad that I wear mine on my
belt it does make it easier when the alarm goes off and people think I am checking my cell phone.

Also you might want to check into unversial cell phone cases and use one of them to clip to your jeans.

Thanks for the laugh I need it this week

jessica said...

hipster... nothing else to say jess lol