Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

Hello World!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!

This morning is rocking. I woke up with a nice 394. Talk about Grinchy Jessi. My mouth tasted like the south side of sick cow. Oh well, I got up and grabbed or rather jabbed 11 units of Christmas insulin. Then it was present time.

I'll get pictures up ASAP. I've gotta get them from my mom first. We all had quite the haul. I got a Swiss Army laptop back pack. A down comforter with a heated mattress pad. A new set of ear phones. A 12 piece cooking set. Some sugar free chocolate candies. A Pirates of the Caribbean t-shirt. A really cool pen with all the names of Jesus. Oh and new mountain bike (Got that a little over a month ago.) Now I know I forgot something... Oh yeah I also got an all expenses paid trip to Seattle and Disneyland thanks to my awesome aunt. That's why the blogs have been so sparse lately. But that's a different blog. I'm going to attempt to put up a few today.

So as I sit here blogging, Derreck is running around with his comforter on his back like superman, Lars is trying to get somebody to open up his candy cane and Karl is attempting to put his pirate ship together. I'm very content sitting in our orange chair with a happy tummy. Daddy made homemade waffles for breakfast. Mine was doused in sugar free syrup of course.

And finally, we have definitely had a white Christmas. We have nearly six inches of snow. It's very beautiful. As I said above, I will add pictures to the post as soon as I get them. So...

Merry Christmas!!!

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