Saturday, December 29, 2007

Diabetic Fiction?

I've been looking through my favorite books and searching the internet for some reading material. I'd really like some fiction.

I've noticed something though. In all of my books and everything I can find, none of the characters have any health problems. Yeah, I know, kind of a weird thing to be looking for but I'd like to see a character that has something other than a personality flaw. I want to read about someone that not only goes on an adventure, fights evil and falls in love but also has a chronic illness to deal with. Kinda sadistic? Maybe. I don't think sadistic is the right word but I'm having a major brainfart right now.

I'd really like to find a main character that's diabetic or someone who has ADD or just something that doesn't come from getting old. Does anybody know of a main character that's diabetic? I've read a few non-fiction stories and I have found them very interesting but I really don't like non-fiction for my pleasure reading.

The only movie I've run across where diabetes had a role was a Lifetime special where said diabetic's "best friend" was trying to kill her with her insulin. She put alcohol in the bottle rather than insulin. Interesting but I want more than just that. It's gotta be out there, I just don't know where to find it.

Maybe I should make an attempt. LOL Yeah I can see it now, I'd have like 15 stories started and they'd never get finished. I've never been all that great at finishing what I start. I have like 15 posts that I've started but never finished and therefore never posted. Gotta work on that.


Jennifer said...

Most books with diabetic characters portray them horribly. However, Return to Skoki Lake is a really good book written by the mother of a child with type 1.

I would like to see a book with a character with a chronic illness where the plot of said book isn't focused on that illness. Where it's just something else they have to deal with through the course of the story, in the sidelines, but it doesn't take central stage.

Jess said...

Exactly. Just like reality. Diabetes usually isn't center stage, it's just another thing we deal along with our other daily maitanance.