Monday, December 10, 2007

Bits And Pieces.

  • Can I just say, I love a person named Holly. She has been working really hard to get me a pump and to make sure that my insurance covers it. She sends me an email on everything that happens. This morning she said she's gonna pester my insurance until she can get the pump to me. I'm going on a trip on Saturday and she said she'll try her very hardest to get the pump to me before then. She rocks my socks!! (To borrow a phrase from Spoon)

  • Our tree is up!!! It has standard multi-color lights and old fashioned bubble lights. It's nearly done!!
  • Next I'm going to attempt to get some lights on the front of our house. We have some icicle lights that have been sitting in the cupboard since we moved into the house. I think it's about time we lit up the front of the house.

  • No Christmas is complete in our household without Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO). And, of course you can only listen to it with the full sound system at full blast.

  • I think I've got a cold. My blood sugars have been floating too high for my liking. I've been lethargic and sore. I just feel downright yucky.

  • And to close this. I just stepped out onto the front step to bring the dog inside for the night. Well I didn't notice the thick layer of black ice that covered the cement. Fell straight onto my butt. I think the dog was laughing at me. That's my version of holiday cheer...make the dog laugh at me. LOL Happy holidays!!

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