Thursday, November 29, 2007

Let it snow!!!

It has finally snowed here in Utah!!
I love the snow. The world as it is hushed as it falls. The intense feeling of calmness. The feeling that it's finally Christmas time. It's beautiful.
This year I have an interesting challenge with the snow... Riding my bike down the hill into town to work. Not only are the sub-freezing temperatures making my eyes water but by the time I get to work my hands feel like ice blocks. I wear gloves but the cold seeps right through them.
The other thing I've run into when riding into town is the ice on the sidewalks. Logan keeps the sidewalks fairly clear but there are icy patches. There are grooves and frozen footprints that love to reach out and grab the front tire on the bike. I have had a few close calls but so far I haven't fallen to the frozen concrete. Knock on wood.

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Amylia said...

beautiful photo of the prints in the snow! YAY for snow! it's in the 60's here in taipei!