Friday, November 23, 2007

Crazy Sevens

!. My pants usually weigh around two or three pounds. Before I put my pants in the laundry I have to empty my pockets of a plethora of objects. Right now, I have in my pockets, my wallet, my cell phone, Mp3 player and ear buds, a pen, a few Ricola wrappers, a syringe (yes, I'm nuts), a few syringe caps, some dead test strips, my jump drive and dead AA battery. And my pants are rather light at the moment.

@. I'm obsessed with Stargate SG-1. I have watched every single episode of this series about 10 times each. At one point I was a faithful member of the Sony Pictures SG-1 forum. You could probably ask me any question and I could come up with the answer and from which episode it's from.

#. I'm a techno geek of the first class. I love technology. I can fix almost anybody else's computer problems. And if I don't know how to fix something I know where to look to figure out how. Unfortunately, I can't keep my own technology alive. I go through cell phones about every three months. I'll get a phone from my parents that they've had for over a year and within a month it will no longer charge. I'll get a brand new phone and I can guarantee that it will be dead in three months.

$. I'm a music druggie. I can't get enough of it. I have tunes playing at all times and I always have my earbuds in my ears. I love to play in band too. Pep band is my favorite to play in. I think my favorite class in high school was Swing Choir. We danced and sang and did our own choreography.

%. When I was little I used to be obsessed with collecting Lipton Tea bottle lids. I was in pursuit of the loudest 'Clicker'. Which ever cap could pop the loudest was kept on my nightstand while all the rejects were put in my toy chest. I would keep the loudest on my nightstand just in case I needed to make a whole bunch of noise to alert my mom that I was having a bad dream.

^. I'm deathly afraid of falling. I have no problem with flying in an airplane or riding roller coasters but if I'm in the nosebleeds of a stadium I can barely move.

&. I'm 18 and I have never taken driver's ed. Nor do I have a driver's licence. I have driven with my parents and I do believe I have given both a small heart attack. 

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I was tagged by Scott at StickIt. And I'm going to tag Jennifer of Shadows of Perfection, and Bob of My Life with the Pump and anyone else who may happen across my blog. Also I'd love it if you'd tell me if you do do the meme. Thanks.

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