Tuesday, November 6, 2007



That's what I felt like shouting when my doctor told me I can get a pump. I have been waiting so long. (Well not that long, but long enough) I started looking into pumps three or four months ago and talked to my diabetic educator about it a month and a half ago. I set up a doctor appointment as soon as was possible but they hadn't an opening today.

So this morning I pulled myself out of bed around 10ish. Bad, I know. And then ran out the door and started speed walking toward the Budge clinic. I got there at 10:43. The appointment was at 10:45. Crap! So I finally figured out which desk assistant I was supposed to talk to and I found out that they're running about 15 minutes late. I let out a sigh of relief. I absolutely hate being late, drives me up the walls.

So when they finally called me in I crinkled on the bed while shifting waiting for Dr. Brown. He finally came in and asked,"What is your number one reason for being here?"

First word on my tongue, "Pump."

He asked me a few questions about pumps and seemed rather impressed with the amount of research I had done. He didn't know how badly I've wanted a pump.

I'm so excited.

On another brief note, we're going to attempt to battle my depression with Celexa (sp?). Here's to hoping.

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