Thursday, November 15, 2007


"Chance made us sisters... Love made us friends"

She listens to my ramblings and obsessive talk about diabetes where everyone else gets irritated. She is truly interested in not only my health but anything I feel like yacking about. She takes the time to just be there. She wants to know how to treat a low. She waited patiently while I dug around my room to find my glucagon. She's the one who asked how to use it. She's the one that said to put it in the kitchen so she could grab if she needed to. She's the one who understood enough to ask what she needs to do to test my blood sugar. She's the one that wanted to how to bring my blood sugar down.

She's the one that assumes that my happiest news is that I'm going to get my pump when in fact all I was pumped about was my replacement bike. But when I am excited about a new development in getting my pump she's just as hyper as I am.

She's the tall blond with the dark underlights and bleeding blue streak in her bangs. She's the one with the warm open arms. She's has the shoulder that I can cry on when life is going terribly wrong. She has the humor that can make me laugh so hard my sides hurt. She has the smile that can brighten any day.

She understands hard times and mistakes. She has the experience to truly say, "I understand." She has the heart that truly cares.

She's the one that freaks when I take care of a terrible blood sugar reaction on my own. She's the admonishing tone that requires I ask for help when I need it. She's the one that notices that I've passed out rather than just fallen asleep. She's the hero that wakes me up and pushes me to check my BG. She's the one that comes through the fog and says, "You need to treat that low."

She's the older sister I've never had and always wanted. She's the friend that is steady and dependable even if she is late to everything. She's there when it matters. She's another best friend. She is a wonderful roommate. She's a friend for life.

I just want to say thank-you to my friend Spoon. Without her I'd be more lost than I already am. If you ever read this post, I want to say thanks for being you. Thanks for being there. I love you like family and you know how much family means to me.

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