Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thunderin' Soup

Yelling and thundering of little boys' feet echo through the house as they chase a brown blur (formerly known as our cat) through the living room.

Impromptu tickle fights in the kitchen.

"Get Jessica!!! Get her!!" he he giggle giggle

"No, she's got me, save yourself Lars!" The ever dramatic Karl shouts in between gasps of laughter.

But instead of heeding Karl's sage advice, Lars ran full speed at me in hopes of getting a finger to my ribs. He should have known better. I had him in giggle fits in exactly 2.3 seconds.

While I'm on the topic of Lars, he did a number on my neck tonight. He was sitting on my lap playing with my medical ID necklace. Every time he pulled it out he'd ask, "What's it say?"

"It says Diabetic kiddo."

" 'Betic?" He'd venture.

"Close enough."

Then he'd stick it back under my t-shirt. Wait two seconds and ask again.

After an hour he got bored with pulling it in and out and started running the tag around the chain. Well I wasn't paying very close attention and he pulled the chain tight and pushed the tag up to my neck. It pinched my skin and drew blood. I paying no attention at all so it caught me completely off guard causing me to jump so bad that my laptop went flying. I scared Lars but luckily he didn't go flying with my laptop. I love the kid to pieces but now I'm gonna have to explain to my roommates that, no, I did not get a hickey while I was home. That, in fact, my little brother gave it to me. Here's to hoping they believe me. :D

For dinner we had this wonderful soup that my mom suggested we have. Dad made a homemade chicken noodle soup that had carrots, potatoes, celery and few other things I can't remember at the moment. Man was it good. Not only did it taste good it looked good too.

I'm so looking forward to left-overs.

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