Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Klutzy True Aggie

Yesterday was A-Day. One of two days during the year that a USU student can become a True Aggie (official USU page on True Aggies) without kissing another True Aggie (link to an old article). Neither Sweet Guy nor I were True Aggies so last night, at midnight, we went up to the Block A with tons of other couples. We made our way through the huge line up to the Block A. He and I had practiced what we were going to do. He was going to dip me and we'd pose briefly for a picture. Not quite what happened.

I spent all day being very careful with my numbers in hopes that I wouldn't have any hitches for "the kiss". Well we had pizza for dinner and I thought I had done the Dual bolus right so that I wouldn't have a low. 5 minutes before we were going to leave to go to the A, I checked my blood sugar because I was starting to get sweaty and it said 54. Dagnabit! I had really been trying to avoid that. So I chugged some pop and then we ran over.

When it was our turn to kiss, my heart was pounding like nuts. Have I ever mentioned that I get stage fright real bad? Well, I do. Jess' nerves + Recovering low = Really funny. We climbed up, he dipped me and for some reason I couldn't figure out which way he was going. Therefore I ended up going the completely wrong way and I ended up between his legs and nearly slid off the A. Luckily Sweet Guy was holding on tight so I didn't go anywhere. It was just the most awkward kiss, ever. I turned bright red and started laughing from so royally going the wrong way. But we got a decent cheer before we jumped off the A, so I guess it didn't look that bad.

It may have been incredibly awkward but it'll probably be one of my favorite memories here at USU. It's classic Jess. Ever the klutz.

BTW, anyone who understands Dungeons and Dragons, Sweet Guy and our friends said that I rolled natural 1 on 'Perform Kiss', or in old DnD terms. I fumbled my action. So true.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Twitter weather.

This is my twitter from yesterday:

Blood Sugars:

9:01 am: 171

11:07 am: 95

12:10 pm: 83

2:11 pm: 200

3:56 pm: 84

7:25 pm: 94

12:26 am: 114

Yesterday I twittered as much as I could and tested when I could. It was a busy day. The 200 was from underestimating a snack/lunch. I was very happy with the numbers I had after pizza last night. Unfortunately I think the pizza may be affecting me today because my lowest number so far has been 139.

Anyway. Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous. Mid 70s all day with a light breeze. Blue skies. Picture the most beautiful sunny day and that's what yesterday was. Just amazing. I'm seriously getting Spring Fever.

Guess what it's doing now. It's snowing. Not little flakes either. Big huge flakes that are sticking to everything. I can't wait for snow to be done. I love snow just not so close to my birthday. Anyway... I've gotta run to class.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Twitter awareness

I'm going to be Twittering as often as I can to let you see into my daily life. I'll put them all into a post tomorrow.

Happy Type 1 Diabetes awareness day!

And happy happy birthday Mom!!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Please don't ever do to yourself what I did. Yesterday I finally logged my blood sugars. It had been since February 8th that I had last recorded them. One thing I love about having an Accu-chek Aviva. It holds 500 results. Very useful when you are like me and just can't find the time (or just procrastinate like a pro) to log them every week.

But anyway, it took me like 2.5 hours to get them all put into Sugar Stats. Definitely don't want to do that again. Maybe I'll make it a habit of logging them every weekend and then posting my new weeks average. That'd guarantee at least one post a week. ;) haha.

Right now my 30 day average is 133 and my 7 day average is 120. I'm pretty happy with that. I'd really like to try to get my A1c even lower than my 6.7. I'm not complaining about that. In fact, I love it to pieces I just want to try a little harder. For those I love.

Um... I have a funny from today. In karate we were doing side kicks in a circle. Just going back and forth between right and left leg. Well I was really getting into it. Kicking with vigor, kinda jumping into the kick to give it extra force. Well on the very last kick I put my all into it. The next thing I knew, I was lying flat on my back. I had kicked so hard I had lost my footing. I was laughing so hard I could barely breath. I think it was probably one of those you-have-to-be-there moments.

Anyway, ttfn.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Stability? What's That?

So yeah, I say I'm doing great. Diabetes isn't bothering me that much. And then I get hit by two lows in one day. One's that I didn't feel until after I started treating them. And one's I only caught because someone else asked me to test.

I was at Sweet Guy's yesterday watching Bleach and my two hour alarm went off on my pump and I ignored because I felt fine. Didn't see the need to test because I was pretty confidant that I had gotten my correction right. I had woken up at 236 mg/dl or something like that and had taken what I needed to bring it down. Well Sweet Guy asked me to not ignore it this time. He pushed me a bit to test. I tested and I was at 48 mg/dl. I didn't even feel it. And since I've been running low on my sugar stash (thanks for the jelly beans today, parents) Sweet Guy grabbed some sugared blueberries off his dresser and just gave me the bag. Telling me to just eat them. I ate a good quarter cup for about 40 grams of carbs. Then I started feeling the affects. I started tremoring, felt really out of it. Sweet Guy just held me. I guess I didn't look that great because he kept saying "Don't pass out on me, Jess." I tested about 20 minutes later and got a nice pretty 50 mg/dl. Grumble. Ate more. Finally got back up to an actually nice number of 100 mg/dl. I'm not sure why I didn't feel this at all until I started dealing with it. And then it just hit me like "a brick of tons" and then "bricks of ton". Or at least that's what I told Sweet Guy. I could not get words out to save my life.

Sweet Guy asked me what would have happened if he hadn't asked me to test. To be honest, I'm not exactly sure. I think my liver would have kicked in some glucose. But as ragged as I've been running lately, I'm not sure if I had the store in my liver at that time. Would I have passed out? According to Sweet Guy, I looked like I was going to. I really don't know. I think I would have started feeling the low if I had waited a few more minutes. And then I would have dealt with it. This is getting a little frustrating. I really wish I had the money for a CGM. I know my 6.7 A1c is nice and pretty but it's not from even numbers, it's from lots of lows and lots of highs that counter each other to make that number.

I'm really irritated with not feeling my lows. My mom caught me in one later last night too. I said I was feeling quite off. It was more because of some issues I'm dealing with but she asked nevertheless and I think I was in the 50s. Once again didn't feel it at all. Never really did feel that one. I just dealt with it. Drank juice and got it up.

Sweet Guy has said he worries about me. Says he wants me to be more stable. I know I could test more. That would help but I don't think I can ever find the perfect stability that a pancreas provides. I'm frustrated with this. I hate the feeling of lows. I hate that I have to think about buying sugar that I can't just eat. I have to save it for 'just in case'.

Sorry, it's a rant. I'm just frustrated. I wish I could be stable so that my friends and family don't have to worry about me.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Weird food. Not bad taste.

Just thought I'd toss this on.
I just threw together Beef Top Ramen, Spinich and a buttload of ketchup. I drained out the liquid and just ate it. It's pretty good. I'd take a picture but I've yet to get a camera. You can imagine what it looks like but I'll throw out my colorful description. It looks like white worm things in grass clippings, all tinted orangeish. Not the most appealing looking but it tastes pretty decent. And it's really cheap. And half way healthy. Lot's of veggies since I used a whole package of spinich for just one package of Ramen.

Anyway, tell me if you try it.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Catch up. (Not ketchup)

Just popping this down in type. I’ve been crazy busy lately. I’m sorry it’s been so long since I updated. I’ve been busy but haven’t had a ton to write about. Diabetes hasn’t bothered me too much. Had very few lows, almost all of them have been due to Sweet Guy anyway and I’m sure people are getting sick of hearing about the man I have an almost unhealthy obsession with. J/k I just love him to pieces. There’s no obsession here…promise.

Anyway. Um…. School’s been pretty decent. I’m totally enjoying my classes. I’ve decided on what I want to get my Master’s in. I want to be a Vocation Rehabilitation Counselor. The program here at Utah State is ranked 15th in the nation. Although, if you ask a professor they’ll say we’re the best. From what I’ve learned, I’m inclined to agree. The lady in charge is Dr. Julie Smart. Amazing woman. She has like 7 accreditations after her name. I think that means she’s pretty smart and knows what she’s doing. ;)

Now to figure out my Undergraduate. Well, I think I want to go into Family and Consumer Sciences. That, Social Work or plain Psychology are the choices I’m looking into. So I’ll be working on my class schedule for next semester soon.

I’m working on getting a job and a place to live this summer. I’ve grabbed an application from Best Western. I’m also planning to do a lot of volunteering this summer for a place called Common Grounds. They work with people with disabilities making the outdoors accessible to anyone. As a volunteer I get to participate for free and I get to help amazing people. I went to an open house tonight and made fast friends with a man named Devon. He is so cool. He was disabled due to leaking veins in his legs so he’s been told he can’t work anymore. He is full of vim and vigor. He and I yacked for a good two and half hours. Just about everything. He’s told me that he’s going personally make sure I become an expert at fly-fishing. Anyway, before I left he gave me a hug. I haven’t felt quite that happy from just meeting in quite a long time. He made sure to get my promise that I would come back again. Great guy.

I’m so glad that I took SPED 1010. I took it on more of a whim than anything else. I needed more credits and I was interested in learning more about other disabilities. Probably one of the best whims I ever went with. Because of this class I’ve figured out where I want to go. Because of this class my eyes have been opened. I’m learning so much. I wish I could just jump straight into the Master’s program. I really don’t want to do my generals. Mer. I’ll live though. It’s just gonna take forever because I don’t dare take more than 12 credits at a time. I’ve learned over these last couple of semesters that I can’t take more than that. So I’ll probably be done in about 6 years. Sweet Guy will probably finish with his Ph.D around the same time as me. We’re not sure the timing yet. Hmm Sweet Guy popped in again. Dang him for always being on my mind. LOL

On Monday he asked me if he could interview me for one of his assignments. He needed to interview someone of a minority or someone with a disability. Seeing as his girlfriend had Diabetes he decided on that. I think that is so cool. Among the many questions he asked, Sweet Guy asked what drove me nuts the most about other people and my Diabetes. I explained that it drives me nuts when people look over my shoulder at my BG numbers. If I want to share, I’ll show you. He’s done that to me a lot. I explained how it makes me feel uncomfortable and even guilty if my number isn’t perfect when he looks. He said he had no idea and said that he’ll be patient and wait to see if I’m going to share. Through his interview, he learned a lot. I really appreciated him taking the time and listening to everything I had to say.

Hmm. What else can I bore you with talk about mindlessly? I think I’m going crazy but I’m loving every minute of it. Hopefully my next check in won’t be so far away. But I imagine it’s going to be a bit. Maybe I should pull myself off the Lazy Blogger list. I just can’t come up with the time or the material every three days. I’m too busy doing stuff that is too boring to blog about. So if you actually read this whole thing, good for you, you just built a great amount of patience. Cya.