Saturday, April 5, 2008

Weird food. Not bad taste.

Just thought I'd toss this on.
I just threw together Beef Top Ramen, Spinich and a buttload of ketchup. I drained out the liquid and just ate it. It's pretty good. I'd take a picture but I've yet to get a camera. You can imagine what it looks like but I'll throw out my colorful description. It looks like white worm things in grass clippings, all tinted orangeish. Not the most appealing looking but it tastes pretty decent. And it's really cheap. And half way healthy. Lot's of veggies since I used a whole package of spinich for just one package of Ramen.

Anyway, tell me if you try it.

1 comment:

Jeff said...

Hi Jess.

Next time Nancy's away and I'm "batching it," I'll try your white worm salad concoction.

It sounds like it's right about at the limits of my culinary talent!