Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Twitter weather.

This is my twitter from yesterday:

Blood Sugars:

9:01 am: 171

11:07 am: 95

12:10 pm: 83

2:11 pm: 200

3:56 pm: 84

7:25 pm: 94

12:26 am: 114

Yesterday I twittered as much as I could and tested when I could. It was a busy day. The 200 was from underestimating a snack/lunch. I was very happy with the numbers I had after pizza last night. Unfortunately I think the pizza may be affecting me today because my lowest number so far has been 139.

Anyway. Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous. Mid 70s all day with a light breeze. Blue skies. Picture the most beautiful sunny day and that's what yesterday was. Just amazing. I'm seriously getting Spring Fever.

Guess what it's doing now. It's snowing. Not little flakes either. Big huge flakes that are sticking to everything. I can't wait for snow to be done. I love snow just not so close to my birthday. Anyway... I've gotta run to class.

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Seonaid said...

I'd gladly trade your weather for mine!! It's supposed to be sunny 70's all week.. ick, i'm not ready for spring weather lol. oh and twittering- that was a good way to raise your voice!