Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sweet Guy Lows and Drowning in Frozen Water.

Remember how I was being paranoid about going low while on a date with Sweet Guy? Well not only have I been getting low on dates but I have been going low any time I'm around Sweet Guy, even just chatting with him online. I haven't been having lows any other time, just with him

Although I have been having them when I first wake up. My fasting numbers have been hanging around the mid 60s. A bit irritating. I'm working on dropping my basal in the morning. I've got an appointment with my CDE to look over that. Anyway, back to the subject at hand.

Most of the time, I've been sitting in the 90s but when Sweet Guy and I start chatting I'll start to get that really lightheaded feeling so I grab my meter and I can count on it to be in the 50s. My lowest around him has been 42. I barely even felt it. Just a little spacey feeling. I find it a bit embarrassing to have to pull out the candy and start munching but he doesn't mind at all. He actually said he's going to start carrying candy in his pocket for me. Man, he really is Sweet even if he seems to be my anti-sugar. (Where was this guy when I couldn't keep my numbers below 250.) Now my question is why? Why does it keep dropping like this? If anyone has the slightest guess, please toss it my way.

Well onto the rest of the post title. It WON'T STOP SNOWING HERE. I know we need the moisture because of the drought we've been in but come on! We had a bit of a break in the constant snow today but I've been told there's another nasty blizzard coming in tonight. And will school be canceled? Never. We will be walking in the snow up to our knees and the school still doesn't close.

Seriously, you know there's too much snow when you see the snowplow fish tail as it clears the intersection.


Colleen said...

So, maybe we should all spend some time chatting with Sweet Guy?!

Allison said...

Awh, Sweet guy is nice to carry around candy for you...My fiance' always yells "Got a low snack?" before I leave (these are guys that we need in our lives!)

You need to post some pics of the snow...It was 70 degrees today here in VA. It's February, right?


Jess said...


Sounds like an idea. He does like to chat. But he's mine. LOL


Oh yeah, these guys are the best.

I'll see what I can do about pictures. I don't have a camera otherwise I'd have posted some already. :-/ Maybe I can talk my roommate into letting me borrow hers.

jessica said...

Jess at least you have a guy ! I'm working on finding one too :)