Saturday, February 2, 2008

Free Write Rant

This post is just free writing. This is what my mind sounds like everyday. I know it doesn't make any sense but I'm posting it anyway. Feel free to ignore it if you want. If you feel like answering a question or throwing your own questions in I'd love to hear it. Though I highly doubt anyone is going to get much sense out of this post.

You know, I keep reading about how diabetes is on the up rise. Everybody and their dog are getting it. It's causing costs beyond reason. Costing as much as the war we are waging. I've just recently read that it's death rate is rising rather than dropping. How can this be happening? With the amount of awareness we are always trying to throw out there shouldn't people be better able to take care of themselves? I wonder if the death rate we're seeing is of the people who have had diabetes for so long. They had it before there was access to all the wonderful technology. I just don't understand how we are still having so many deaths. I know diabetes is VERY hard to deal with at times but I don't know a single diabetic that doesn't try to take care of themselves. Even if they do have their bouts of burnout they still worry about their health. They do try. Are there really people out there with diabetes that just ignore it. That allow it to ravage their body, willingly? I have burned out before. I didn't want to take care of it and ignored it for a while but I got back into the game. Even when I was ignoring my care I still worried about my health. I did the bare necessities to keep going. Are people nuts? Do they want to die or do they just get into such a downward spiral that they can't see anyway back out? They don't see the point anymore. I've fought depression. It was nasty. I just don't get it. I don't see how anyone could give up so much that it causes their death. It just doesn't make sense. I can totally understand giving up for a short time. Causing short term damage but to just not try at all to the point of killing yourself doesn't make sense. Unless you are suicidal. But still, even then that wouldn't be a very economical way to kill yourself. People that are suicidal usually believe that if they kill their self then they are making the world a better place. A diabetic death is long and costly. It hurts those around you. They hurt seeing you not taking care of yourself. So what is it that is killing diabetics. Is it poor health care? The fact that many can't take of themselves properly? Their insurance tells them that because they are Type 2 they don't need to monitor their blood sugar. Is this causing the death? Is it misinformed or older doctors saying that Type 2 isn't that bad? Is it doctors ignoring their patients worries and brushing them off as nothing? Could it be the patient? I know that now more than ever people are very aware of their health. Yet there are those that choose to ignore the warnings that their body is yelling at them. They deny that anything could be wrong with how they choose to live. I know there are people that get Type 2 diabetes that are in great shape. It doesn't always have to do with being overweight and not eating well. But these people aren't the ones that are dying off. They are the ones I know that are taking care of their diabetes. It's the ones that have such an apathetic view on life that confound me. How could you not care about your health? How could you ignore the doctor that was actually paying attention? The doctor that is telling you how to live a happier life. A longer life. This is the only way I can see that the deaths are increasing. This is the only way I can the diagnosis increasing. People just don't listen anymore. They don't care. They think, "That will never happen to me." Last statistic I read said that this century, 1 in 3 will be diagnosed with diabetes. More than likely than not, it will happen to you. I just don't get it. I understand periods of being unable to care but whole lifetimes? I don't get that. Why? Why would a person choose to be unhealthy for a lifetime? Why choose death over life?

Well there's a small moment of my ADHD mind. Imagine all those questions but they're all on top of each other. And with them are a dozen other subjects bouncing around. And all the subjects want the same amount of attention. Maybe that'll help you understand why my posts are sometimes very unfocused. I have a difficult staying on one topic at a time.

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