Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Roofie

The other night me, Mike and Rob were at Mike's house watching Venture Brother's while we waited for Sweet Guy to get off work. He closes most nights.

So as usual there were treats. Mike offered me a few Airhead candy's. Which I've discovered are 14 grams of carbs. I hadn't eaten an Airhead since I was diagnosed Jan. '07. So I had no clue what they do to my BS....

Apparently they knock me out faster than a knock to the back of the head. I munched on three of them and within 20 minutes, I was down for the count. At least until the insulin I had punched in finally hit my system which was a good hour or so later.

I sat up groggily when my BS finally came within decent range again and asked how many episodes I had slept through. They told me and then Mike said to Rob, "See? Roofies!"

I laughed. "What did I miss?"

Rob: "Well once we noticed you were out, Mike made the comment: 'You know. These things are like diabetic roofies. She was out in under twenty minutes.' "

I just laughed. I love how the guys can always find ways to make me giggle about my diabetes. It's never a problem, they know better than to be 'food police'. They're well educated in how it all works so they understand all my jargon. (SWAG has become a part of all of our vocabularies) They know how to test my BS and know where I always keep a stash of sugar... just in case.

When we picked up Sweet Guy from work that night the guys were only too eager to share my 'roofie'. LOL He laughed along with us and jokingly said he'll have to plot how he can use that to his advantage. ;)

Now, on this matter of things that hit me hard. Holy cow, I've been finding things that I just can't eat without finding myself sound asleep within the hour even with a proper bolus of insulin, unless I fight to stay awake.

Pasta knocks me flat out for a couple of hours. Potatoes are hard. Regular pop or juice are really hard on me. I drink them very sparingly. White bread is a pain.

My personal favorite is ice cream. hehe, if I ever want to get drunk, I don't need alcohol, just a tub of ice cream and I'm good to go. I get extremely goofy, like a funny drunk, 'pass out' (more like get really tired and curl up for a nap) and then wake up with a hang over and have to pee like no body's business. If that isn't getting drunk, I don't know what is. (BTW, I don't drink and never will so I'll never know what it's like to be actually drunk, but if I were to guess, I'd guess it'd be similar to my ice cream experiences.)

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