Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm Engaged!

Hey, I've been trying to figure out how to say this, I've dreamed up wonderful posts describing everything, I've had flippant and funny ways to say it, but I realized, I just don't have much more than a moment to sit down and write the blog just how I want right now. So here’s the story barely edited and nearly entirely raw.

The basics, this Sweet Guy I am always talking about on here. Well he and I have been discussing getting married in May ‘09 for quite a while (read: months). We just wanted to get through the next school year and one of us needed to find insurance (mostly for my diabetes) before we could get married which usually means a full time job. Which is rather challenging during school. But as things would happen, my financial aid fell through, so I cannot afford school this year, which means I lost my school housing in Logan too. So between last Monday and today, I very luckily found an apartment within walking distance of Sweet Guy (remember Logan is a college town and he lives on campus, VERY LUCKY, school starts on the 25th), turned in an application and was accepted (again lucky because another girl had already applied for the same room), signed the contract, emailed that off and have paid my deposit and first rent. I’m putting in any online job applications I can find. And I’ve gotten engaged. My whole life seems to have changed direction faster than I had originally planned.

Continue for detail on engagement stuffs.

On Tuesday morning, around 2am, we were chatting on MSN, Sweet Guy asked me a question:
Sweet Guy: Would you rather get married sooner?
Jess: Want an honest answer?
Sweet Guy: Yes
Jess: Hell yes.

(I have told him this counts his proposal, he says he doesn't care, he's still going to do it properly.)

It may not seem the most profound thing to many others, but to me, it's unforgettable.

We moved the wedding date up to December and went to bed after deciding that we'd talk to our families and that if we didn’t sleep soon, we’d probably have heart attacks from excitement.

When we both told our parents and I told my grandparents, I think they ALL smiled or chuckled. They had known we'd never keep the date in May. And his parents had actually been wondering if it would be December we moved the date to. So it looks like Sweet Guy and I were the most surprised parties. (It seems most friends who are ever around us believed the same.)

I talked to his Mom that afternoon after I got home from work. She said Sweet Guy's feet hadn't touched the floor since he woke up. He was just floating through the house. :) I have to admit; I still haven't found the floor. I'm stuck on cloud 9.

Tuesday night, Sweet Guy set up conference call between himself, my parents and me. (Since I'm in Delta, he's in West Jordan and my parents are in Malad, we’re a little spread between Utah and Idaho.) I watched him over the web cam and listened to him as he talked. I swear I've never heard him stutter so much or seen sweat go down his forehead like that before, but he took a deep breath anyway and asked my Dad for permission to have my hand in marriage. And he survived.

Since Sweet Guy's in West Jordan and I'm in Delta (two hours apart through the middle of nowhere), he hasn't had the opportunity to get down on his knee and propose but he's working on that. But we decided to label ourselves Engaged anyway, we’ll need all of the four months we have to plan a wedding and we just couldn't wait to tell people our news. And of course, the first thing we did was go change our Facebook status. LOL.

So up to this point, we've set a date, December 20, 2008. We've set a place, the Salt Lake City LDS Temple. And most everything else is still in the works.

Sweet Guy and I are still trying to believe that this isn't just a dream; I've pinched myself more than once just to be sure.

So there’s the news in a huge nutshell. I’m working on packing to move back to Logan right now and fielding emails, phone calls, and Facebook messages as best I can. Leave me a note but just be aware it may take me a little time to get back to you.

On a side note, I swear getting engaged has cured my diabetes. (Grandpa says it wasn’t diabetes, it was single-itis.) I’m not kidding, I seriously haven’t had any high blood sugars; I think the highest I’ve been since Tuesday was 125. Now on the flipside, I’ve had low after low rain down on me at work, at home, everywhere, I’ve drunk so much juice I never want to look at it again. And I’ve taken nearly no bolus insulin, I'm living off basal, it is freaky. If anyone has any idea’s about this please help. Thanks.
(And yeah, I do remember that a side affect of Sweet Guy is going low but.... there's two hours of desert between us, I mean come on. ;))

And now, I’ll go back to my insane life and hope to be back soon.


ammon said...

I'm so excited for you! I'm very glad that you've found a good place to stay in Logan. I've not looked you up on facebook yet, I really aught to I guess.

Much <3

Lora said...

Congratulations!!!! I got married two years ago and still remember the natural, non-sugar high you're on for the first month or so. I can't explain the low blood-sugars, but I survive on Lantus alone, so there may be something to it all. Just enjoy! (And be grateful there are many flavors of juice out there...)
Congrats again and again and again!

Allison said...


E-mail is


Kim said...

Congrats its about time. and we should really talk soon. But you see how good I am at that.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! I've been gone for two months and you go and get engaged? Congratulations!!!!