Saturday, October 3, 2015

Another Year

I was wandering through my online pages and noticed it's almost been a year again here on Blogger.

Life is different, again.

We paid everything off in February. It was and is a wonderful feeling. We have a fully funded emergency fund.

I was told Shoe Carnival would be closing it's Logan location.

Our last day of sales was July 19th.

It was a sad thing to lose that job. I really enjoyed working there. The job served it's purpose. It bought us a second car, dug us out of debt and fully funded our emergency fund. It provided more management experience to my resume. A different kind of management from the gas station.

Zane worked as a manager for a short time to help fill a gap in management before we closed our doors. His working there, the gas station and working Walmart got him the attention of a hiring manager at Thermo Fisher. He was able to snag a job there after we closed our doors at Shoe Carnival. He was able to leave Walmart after five years. He's really excited by this new job. It has lots of room for growth and AMAZING benefits.

This closure pushed me to get back into school. I applied and got reaccepted back into Utah State University. I start again in January. I plan to do Spring, Summer and Fall to knock out all the courses I need to get to ARN. I'll apply to get into BATC's LPN program in Fall 2017. After that, do the LPN to RN program.

I was able to snag a job as an assistant manager at Spirit Halloween to keep me busy until school starts. This job will pay for my Spring 2016 Semester.

I'm still an assistant manager with the gas stations. I hit 5 years in August. I plan to stay until I can snag a job as an RN but we'll see. The RN program is M-F 8-4. I also still have my University job which will soon be switching to 1pm-12am Saturday and Sunday.

I want to pull it all off but we'll see. I need to see how well I handle the school work.

I did a trial run of Adderall while I was in-between Shoe Carnival and Spirit. It did not go well. After about a week, I realized that much of my anxiety and suicidal thoughts from high school likely stemmed from the stimulant. I tried the Adderall for about two and a half weeks before some serious suicidal thoughts caused me to decide that stimulants for my ADD are a no go from now on.

I need to follow up with my Doc and take another crack at the non-stimulant medicine I had initially decided were a no go in high school

To follow up on the family front, we did a little research into the infertility. We have some ideas as to what is going on. We'll do further research next year when we opt for the lower deductable insurance at his new job. It may be a simple fix. I think it's going to come down to deciding to pull the trigger on starting our family. We have some timing to weigh but we don't want to wait too much longer. Zane is 30 this year and I would rather not wait much longer. We're shooting to have a down payment saved up inside the next year, once we've settled into a house, we'll likely pull that trigger.

As always, it's different but always happy. Another year has brought more friends and more memories.

Here's to another year of accomplished goals.

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