Monday, October 11, 2010

I Demand an Update!

I must update this blog. I've had a few things to post but life gets in the way of writing.

Anyway, brief-ish update. Life has been good. Coming up on two years being married. It's been awesome sauce. I've changed jobs, couldn't handle Walmart AKA The Empire for any longer. It's hard to work for a company you just can't stand. My health has had it's ups and downs, I think my current A1c is about 7.1%, so doing beautifully. I compared my charts from my pump to my charts from last year. They're about the same. While I wish they were better, they're not worse which is good.

I've had my frustrations with getting a Dexcom but I did secure one. Now the irony, after all the fighting to get it, I can't stand to use it. It bothers me terribly, it's hard to put on and it's hard to carry around. I kept knocking it into things. And while it gave me awesome data, it drove me nuts at night. Apparently if it ended up on the other side of Zane, it couldn't recieve data from it's sensor and started wailing like a very irritating alarm clock. I also kept having to re calibrate it which drove me nuts. I may have given it more of a run for it's money if I'd had a local resource to ask for help and encouragement. But for now, it's being kept in the closet. I will most likely suck it up when we finally hit the point of having kids. It'll be my best friend once I get pregnant.

I have some excellent friends who are always good for a rant about my blood sugars and they're all well educated on the topic. So my poor husband doesn't have to bear the brunt of all my frustration.

Life is good, the bills are being paid and the medical debts are almost gone. Got about $100-200 on the pump left. Wahoo! Now to get the school debts gone.

Also, on the home front, I have a total of three nieces and a nephew now. Only one am I related to, but they're all adorable and have me wrapped around their little finger. If you go through my facebook, I'm sure you'll find pics of all four.

I am grateful for the resources, family and friends I have. They keep feeling just like everyone else, I'm normal, just diabetic. They're always good for a laugh, and my diabetes, while everyone knows it's serious, we keep it light and humorous, which makes everything easier.

See you in a year! (Hopefully not so long, but hey, look at my track record.)


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I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog.

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what I was looking for, thanks

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your blog just opened my eyes !!!!!!!!
it was superb

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hi ;-)