Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wow, look! I Actually Posted. (It's long)

Hello World. Or rather family and friends who haven't given up on checking this thing.

I am alive still just uber super stressed and busy.


Um... life is still going.

25 days until we get married.

I'm going nuts.

Sweet Guy is going nuts.

We're enjoying most of it. Insanity is an interesting place. Honest.

I'm still at Walmart and will probably stay there until after the new year.

Sweet Guy's insurance coverage should be starting December 1st.

We'll be moving our stuff into our apartment on December 1st as well.

Sweet Guy is slowly losing sanity as he works 40+ hours at work and is taking 14 credit hours of 3000 level classes.

We're both very much looking forward to the week we're both taking off before our wedding.

Erm... my numbers were struggling a bit for the first half of the semester, but I've upped all of my insulin intakes and I'm finally living in a normal range. There has been a good amount of encouragement from Sweet Guy while I've been arguing with numbers.

My pump broke this last Saturday, but the people at Medtronic lived up to my expected standard and got my pump to me early Monday morning, and I'm good as new.

I learned which of my friends have needle phobia this weekend as I went back to syringes. There's more than I thought actually. Though I don't blame for cringing by very early Monday morning, I was testing and 'shooting up' every two hours in attempt to keep my numbers semi-normal. I actually got some decent numbers and saw my first 90 mg/dl in nearly two months. Made Sweet Guy and I both rather giddy.

Talking of giddy. That seems to be both he and I these last couple of days as we have now entered our last month before we get married. The count down has begun. As of right now, we have: 25 days6 hours56 minutes and 42 seconds until Saturday, December 20, 2008 at 9:20:00 AM.

Anyway, due to higher running numbers, I lost my awesome A1c from the summer of 6.7% to 7.9%. :/ But as I said, due to this number, I am taking a much more aggressive attack toward my care.

I've had a few lows due to the new aggressive tack that I have taken. I had a crazy one this weekend actually. I only caught it since I was checking and bolusing every two hours. So as it hit 9pm I grabbed my meter and jabbed my finger testing yet again. When I saw the result: 53 mg/dl I looked at my finger in confusion and then I showed the number to Sweet Guy who looked questioningly at me. Neither of us believed it. So I tested again on another finger: 47 mg/dl

"What the heck?" I showed him the new number.

"Well maybe you have some chocolate on your finger... wait, no that would cause a high number... why don't you double check with my meter?" (I have a back up meter at his apartment.)

I grabbed his meter and came back with a final number that scared the crap out of me: 40 mg/dl

We looked at each other in confusion.

"Well I don't feel like that at all but two meters and three results can't be wrong."

He agreed.

So I started eating some more of the Orange Sticks that we had been snacking on. 

After about five minutes, I swear it was like a wave that crashed over me and knocked me down. Instantly I started mumbling my words and losing all clear thought. I sat down on the bed and tried to remember where I had put my mini Dr. Pepper. It took me a minute to find it. Sweet Guy looked at me, seeing my nauseous look he asked, "It finally hit you?"

I just nodded and laid my head in his lap as I felt the room suddenly start spinning.

That nasty one had me stuck leaning on Sweet Guy for a good 20-40 minutes. I'm really curious as to why the same number can feel so different. Or how in the world did I not feel that number while I was in the 60s or even the 50s? And why the heck is it always impossible to find the sugar when it's right in front of your face?

So anyway, I may be a bit frazzled but I'm still as happy as ever. I have no idea when I'll next blog but hopefully I at least get one done in December.

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ammon said...

Much love. I hope your Thanksgiving went well. I've been gone with family recently, so it was great to hear a bit about how you are doing. Keep an eye on the numbers and best wishes.

See u soon. ^ ^