Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ever been eaten by a chair? I have.

OH cripes I can't stop laughing. I just got eaten by a chair. :D
BTW, before I go on time to catch up again. I'm up in the Seattle area visiting my Grandma Specht for a week. Totally surprised her, she didn't know I was coming but she had no prob with a surprise guest. So I'll be here until Saturday. Fun fun.

So the funny, Grandma, my cousin, Awesome Aunt and I were watching Indiana Jones tonight and I was lounging in the La-Z-Boy chair during the whole movie. I had it leaned back and my feet up on When the movie was over I got up to pull the DVD out but I found I couldn't get out of the chair. My pump was stuck. I followed the line to the pump. It had slipped out of my pocket all the way down into the mechanism of the chair and my hands were too big to reach down in. I sat there for five minutes trying to reach it before I thought to disconnect and pry the cushions open while Awesome Aunt dug in there. It took us a couple of minutes but we got it out.

BTW, I'll try to get to that meme I was tagged for as soon as I can. Kinda busy this week.


Jeff said...

Yikes! Good thing your tubing didn't get sliced in the La-Z-Boy's folding hardware.

Spider63 said...

Your pump is for your diabetes?

I hope you are exercising too. That is supposed to be a great way to improve your diabetes. Good luck!